2 Week Swing Analysis Programme
2 Week Swing Analysis Programme
2 Week Swing Analysis Programme

2 Week Swing Analysis Programme

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The IPA Swing Analysis is all about your polo swing, not the polo swing.

Now is the time to work on your polo swing, less tournaments means it is the best time to practice and improve your swing technique. Seeing what your swing looks like is easier than ever, using a smartphone video and video analysis. See your technique phase-by-phase with key positions illustrated for further education.

The IPA Swing Analysis package provides extensive knowledge from working with top coaches analysing swings from players of all abilities. We will give you areas of strength and highlight areas of technique improvement, allowing you to focus on certain aspects while practicing. We then reassess a further video to track your progress.

The features included in the IPA Technique Analysis Package are:

  • Video analysis of your current swing
  • Side by side swing analysis of a professional player for comparison purposes
  • Phased step by step review of your video
  • Highlighted areas of technique improvement
  • A re-analysis six weeks later to gauge improvement

What you will need to do:

  • Complete our technique analysis questionnaire with vital information about you, your polo practice, and goals for your game over the next year
  • Three videos of your swing under different circumstances (our guide will tell you the best way to capture the video for analysis)

Once we have reviewed the videos, our polo performance analyst coach will provide you with a detailed breakdown of your current technique. After six weeks of practice, you will send another three videos for us to analyse and provide an update on your progress.

Please contact us for further details.