Player Insight: Facundo Pieres

Leading his teams to victories in the prestigious US and British Open’s, Facundo Pieres is at the top of his game entering the Argentine season as he pursues the Triple Crown. Couple of key facts about his overall game:

Defensive Ability: While the focus on Pieres is often on his offensive ability, it is his proficiency on the defensive side of the ball where he really stands out. Displayed by his top 5 rankings in defensive actions per game (22.0) and interceptions per game (10.1), Pieres displays a high polo IQ as evidenced by his ability to anticipate play and gain possession.

Defense to Offense Transition: Pieres’ is one of the most effective players transitioning from defense to offense and does so equally by individually approaching and passing. Hitting almost twice as many forehand passes per game (10.2) as the average player (5.9) and initiating the highest number of attacking plays (164) throughout the USA and UK seasons, it is the constant threat of Pieres gaining possession through defensive actions and instantly creating scoring chances that doesn’t allow his opposition to rest.

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